"Alex taught me piano and she is easily the best music teacher I've ever had. She didn't just teach me *what* to play and *how* to play it, she also helped me *understand* exactly what I was doing and why it all worked, which is such a rare and important quality in a teacher. Engaging, passionate, clear and direct. Whatever your age or experience level Alex has the skills and qualifications to help you develop and learn."
- 27/02/15 - Russell, adult student re: piano lessons

"Alex taught me piano for several years until I left for university. She is particularly talented at making theory and technique about active participation and enjoyment. Her lessons were fun and I improved tremendously, especially with regards to performing at the concerts she regularly organises. Between working in depth on the work of known composers and experimenting with my own composition/improvisation, Alex helped me become a much better musician and I reccommend her wholeheartedly!"
- 27/02/15 - Jenny, adult who took piano lessons as a teenager.

"Alex taught me piano a few years ago. She's the perfect teacher- friendly, patient and great at getting her ideas across. She's also a naturally gifted musician and very highly qualified, so has everything you need in a music teacher!"
- 27/02/15 - Tom, adult student re: piano lessons.

"Alex is an organised, committed and professional piano tutor. She endeavours to understand her pupils needs and learning styles, enabling her to encourage and develop their skills accordingly. Our son [aged 16] has progressed steadily under her tutorage and is currently preparing for Grade 5 theory and Grade 6 practical. Additionally, she has encouraged his other talents, namely in composition and singing. We would highly recommend Alex to any parents of children wishing to study the piano in a fun but professional environment."

 - 4/11/13 - Mr and Mrs Stackhouse, re: piano lessons.


"[My 6-year-old-daughter] enjoyed the class last Saturday; it was great to see all the children so engaged with the activities, using their imaginations and their bodies in response to the music, and lovely to see their own performance towards the end of the session."

 - 19/9/13 - J. Allen, re: practical musicianship Saturday class


" Alex clearly understands children... [My 7-year-old daughter] is encouraged to compose her own pieces and sing as she learns, which gives her confidence, a love for the instrument and a desire to go to the next lesson. "Viva Alex" we say."

- 14/8/13 - D. Lovie, re: piano lessons.


"[My 13-year old daughter] has picked up a lot and increased her confidence [in musicianship skills] as she scored 17 / 18 in her recent grade 2 piano exam aural section which is a significant improvement!"

 - 3/7/13 - G. Pollock, re: group theory and musicianship classes at Derby Music Centre.


"I am very proud of my boys [aged 14 and 16] and wasn't looking for a "normal" piano teacher as I think they need more than that. I am so glad we have found you!"

- 14/2/13 T. Penn, re: piano/ songwriting lessons. 


"[My 12-year-old daughter] is really enjoying her theory lessons and likes the way musicianship and aural are included too, rather than the work being taken entirely out of a book."


- 22/1/13 - J. Winshaw, re: theory lessons.

"My [11-year-old] son, has theory classes with you at Derby Music Centre on Saturday mornings. He thoroughly enjoys these sessions, and comes home full of excitement..."

-16/12/12 - C. James, re: group theory and musicianship classes at Derby Music Centre.