Lights, Camera, Action! Concert success - thank you, everyone!

I am very pleased to say that last Sunday's pupil concert, Lights, Camera, Action!  was a great success! It was so wonderful to see everybody, to catch up with parents and for students to meet each other. Piano playing can be a very solitary experience sometimes, so these concerts really help bring people together!

I'm very proud that all of my students played by memory. Everybody performed really well, and managed to overcome the inevitable nerves and excitement that accompany this kind of event! Here are a selection of comments from the audience:

Stepping Tones: concert Feedback praising both the performers, and the Voicebox as a venue.

The concert was film-themed, so students all played a piece from a film and many of us dressed up as film characters. Here's the programme:

And finally, here's a slideshow of the photos from the concert.

I've also uploaded them to Facebook. So, if you would like to tag yourself, or share the photos with friends and family, please go ahead! Here's the link to the Facebook album.

Once again, well done, everyone!